22.01.17 Metanote to be available in M1 increments

Changes to our systems now facilitate the availability of metanote(M) in M1 increments. At this time the metanote trades at 93p = M1


22.01.07 First transactions take place in Metanote

The first transaction took place today. This was the sale of tinned food.


22.01.17 Metabrowser modified

The metabrowser was modified in the following ways

1. A button was set up to take the browser directly to the polyhedral campus

2. A facility was established to allow browsing the internet without leaving the polyhedral campus.



Watsapp group for MetaState established and the first messages have moved on this system. We now have working communications on a group basis, but will look to transfer to Google Hangouts to allow for more sophisticated communication.