Metastate is a transnational virtual state running on the internet. The Metastate has its own currency the Metanote, and has much of the infrastructure required to run as an independent entity.


The Principles of the Metastate


The Metastate works on the principle all spending and production must take place within the Metastate. What is acceptable needs to be determined by a body of core members who understand the deeper issues in terms of the relation with the £-state.


1. Spending

Metizens seek at all times to reduce external buying. We concentrate on current spending not capital spending. We do current spending through our own systems and then seek to drive out the external element. 


Rules: Spending must take place within the Metastate

1. All current spending is within the Metastate

2. Leakage, i.e. underlying external expenditure must be reduced on a continual basis


2. Income

The income that we seek is from the supply of goods to the rest of the world, or the supply of services directly to end users from our site. 


Rules: Production must take place within the Metastate

1. All products must be produced from raw materials

2. Metizens must own the customer

3. The production facility must have interchangeable elements

4. Rent is only acceptable as income to be spent on current or capital assets if it is from outsiders. Other types of rent are used to cover renter costs like heat and council tax/water or to buy more land. Using gig sites is with reviews is not acceptable. Metizens need to rent through the Metatstates own systems.


Practical Application

The most effective diet for Metizens is a potato and egg centred diet. These are staples that are filling and can be grown by Metizens.



We seek to use vegetable oil, particularly olive oil. This requires transnational working with an olive grower who will connect with the Metastate.  We plan to work on the farm in return for olive oil.  We are currently seeking out an olive farm that will allow work in a way that will cover the transport cost and yield oil. Beyond that we use solar power.